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Template Library

Template Library
Every page in an Invisible Gold powered website is based on a page template. An Inivsible Gold template is a page layout with its own set of tools or features. When you click "New" to create a new page anywhere in your site, the Select Template page gives you a list of template choices.

Choose from built-in page templates like Calendar, Discussion List, URL List, etc. "Custom Templates" may have been created just for your site and therefore won't be described here, but will be listed with a red icon.

The design of the site (look and feel) is called a framework. The framework is not editable using the IG login tools. However, it can be updated at any time by your web designer.

All templates have text fields for you to enter a page namee which becomes the page title in the visitors browser window, the heading on the page and the filename of the page.

Default Page
Simple Page
Contact Us
Slide Show
Static List
URL List
Download List
Highlights Page
Site Map
Mailing List Signup
Blog Template
Custom Templates
Custom Form
Discussion List
Virtual Page
Product Catalog
Rich Edit
RSS Feed
Site Search

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