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Embed Your Facebook Page On Your Website

Embed Your Facebook Page On Your Website
These days we have lots of websites to promote our business. Performers tend to be ahead of the curve using Facebook and MySpace and Youtube. But, with a website, you want to tie them together so fans can stay current. Luckily, this is pretty easy.

You can follow the following steps to do this on Facebook.

1. Read About The Process On Facebook

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Go to this page and skim the text to learn about the process of creating a fan page. Basically, you're creating a Fan Box which advertises your fan page. After creating a Fan Box, you need to copy/paste a little HTML into any page on your Invisible Gold powered website.


2. Create a "Fan Page"

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After setting up the Fan Box, you will create a "Fan Page" which is sort of like a "person" on Facebook that can have its own friends. You can add photos, allow facebook users to join as fans, and post information on the page's wall. The Fan Page also creates the code that you can copy/paste into your own website.

3. Upload a Photo and Edit Your FanPage

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Now that you have a "Fan Page," become a fan. You'll want to upload a photo, and write a little text. You may also want to notify your friends that you created the page.

4. Finally, Click the "Add Fan Box to Your Website" Link.

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The link on the left (add Fan Box to your website) takes you to a page with the html text that needs to be pasted into your website. With almost every Invisible Gold page, you just need to copy/paste this text and hit save on a new page.

For "RichEdit" pages, you need to click on the <> icon to see the "source code" and paste the embed code right there.

Hit Save and You Should Have a Box Similar To the One Here:

Alternative: Facebook Badge

There is another option if you just want to use your Facebook page itself rather than creating a FanPage. It's called a "Facebook Badge".

There is an option on the Profile page called "create a facebook badge". It works the same way. Just copy/paste the code they provide into your Invisible Gold powered site.

John Waiveris
John Waiveris
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