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System View

System View
The System page shows you information about a page or the entire website. You can view it by logging in as an Administrator and clicking on the System button at the top.

The page is divided into three main areas. In the top left are links to various System maintenance tasks such as downloading a backup, modifying your profile, and modifying the system settings.

The top right corner shows information about the page you're on. Notice how it is almost identical to the information that you would find by clicking the Advanced button.

The bottom area shows a list of the child pages under the current one we are looking at.

Download Website Backup
The first link in the top right allows you to create and download a backup of your website. The resulting file will be zipped with a .ZIP extention. It contains all of your DATA files, Frameworks, Templates and Images. Note that it does not include any of the System files. However, it does include a text file indicating what version of Invisible Gold the site is running. (Note: You can download new and old Invisible Gold system files from www.invisiblegold.com/downloads.)

The backup system will automatically create a .ZIP backup every few days. You can also click a link to create a new backup if there isn't one yet. Keep in mind that on complicated sites, this could take as long as 15 minutes. Come back later to see if it was created successfully.

Clicking on the link will download the backup file.

Note: You will need a program to unzip files such as PKZip or WinZip.

Update Database
The next option allows you to update the database. This automatically compresses the log files (used by the traffic system), it also purges unecessary files, and checks for missing templates.

The Missing Template will display last with a list of all Templates in use on the site. Any that are found to be missing will have a drop down box with alternate templates to Remap them to. Make a selection for each and click the Remap Templates button at the bottom.

Edit My Profile
The Edit My Profile link allows you to make changes to your User account. Note, this is almost identical to the edit page you would see as an Administrator editing a user.

However, since the User Adminstration system is only available in the Multi-User and Advanced Commerce templates, this is the only way to modify your email address on a lower version site.

Make changes to your information and click Save at the bottom.

Note: You can also upload an image. While this is possible in certain versions of Invisible Gold, it won't be directly used by any of the standard templates.

Modify System Settings
The Modify System Settings option shows the list of settings for your website. (See the System Settings page)

Click Save when you are done.

Page Properties
The Page Properties box in the top right corner shows the Framework, Page Template, etc. You may notice that it is the same information located on the Advanced page.

You can make changes to this information by clicking the Modify link at the top. This will take you to the Advanced page.

Reload Cached Pages
There is one more option if Caching is turned on. The link "Reload Cached Pages" will automatically empty the cache. It may appear to be sluggish for a moment as visitors reload all of the images and pages off of the server's hard drive.

This is a common link to push if you've recently uploaded Framework files to the server or worked with the Data files directly.

Regular users shouldn't ever have to use this link.

Page List
At the bottom is a list of the Child Pages under the current one. There is a small gray up-arrow box that goes to the parent page (except on the homepage).

Each Child Page lists its name, the template it is using, the User that saved it last, its Sortkey, and when it was Created and Last Saved.

If the Approvals system is enabled, it will also show the last time it was Approved and whether it is awaiting approval.

Links at the right allow you to edit or delete any Child Page.

Buttons at the bottom allow you to delete Selected Pages, Create New Child Pages, Approve Selected Pages, or simply close the System view and return to the page.

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