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Static List

Static List
The Static List template is one of the workhorses of Invisible Gold powered sites. (for example, most of the pages in the help section use it.) It works like other templates - there is an image at the top along with text and title. Then it shows every child page in a list. Each has an image, a title, and text.

Note: This template works like the FAQ, Download List, and URL List templates.

Edit Options
The Static List doesn't have any special edit options. You just create the page, add title text and hit save. Use the New button to create the list sections on the page.

Since child pages are displayed as sections on the same page, changing from other templates (such as a default page) will show the contents of each child page.

Each section has the option for a Title, Text, and a Sortkey. The Sortkey is used to set the order of the sections (numerically)


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