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Blog Template

Blog Template
No doubt you've heard the term blog. It's been in the news as a new way for people to keep online journals. It's even been touted as the future of the internet.

In reality, a blog is just a simple editable website. The term is short for "web log". Like a journal it gives the ability to post journal entries and have them listed by date.

Sample Blog
Soon after creating this template, I created my own blog. It was simple enough - I just started tracking the time it would take for me to mow my lawn.

I created the new page and wrote a short introduction at the top. I also uploaded an image.

Every couple of weeks, I would take a photo and write a short 2-3 paragraph description of the latest mowing. This would show up at the top of the list with the date that I posted it.

Creating Pages
The blog template is like a list. Each section is listed down the page. It is like a "Static List" template but you cannot change the order of the sections.

You can edit any of the past sections by clicking on the EDIT button above it.

You can add new sections by clicking on the new at the top of the list of section.

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