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Upgrading Sites

Upgrading Sites
Every Invisible Gold site is a certain version. One of the great features of Invisible Gold is that sites can be updated to the latest version to take advantage of bug fixes, new templates, and new features.

Note: Before you upgrade a site to the latest version, you need to download and install it on the server. There is a help page on this topic.

You have the option of using the IG Wizard, or upgrading by hand. Keep in mind that the list of changes to upgrade by hand isn't always published. It makes more sense to upgrade using the Wizard.

Using the Wizard to Upgrade Sites
Open the Wizard from the START | Programs | Invisible Gold menu. On the first page, click to Modify an existing site. On the second page, select the site to upgrade and click the upgrade button.

The site will be automatically upgraded. If you recently rebooted or restarted IIS, it won't be necessary to do it again (as part of the upgrade). Regardless, the site should now be running on the latest version.

You should ALWAYS run a test on the site to verify that it is working. Send an email to your client, fill out all of the Contact Us forms, and order a test product. If there is going to be a problem with a site, it's right after you've changed it. You should encourage your client to run a series of tests to verify that it is working 100%.

Note: if you load the site and it still shows the old version, run "iisreset" manually. IIS tends to cache the old version.

Note: Contact us if the ugprade button is grayed out. There are still a few sites running on old versions that cannot be automatically upgraded. (Since there are so few, it makes more sense for us to walk you through the steps rather than explain the process here.)

Upgrading a Site by Hand
There are two steps to upgrading a site to a new version. First, there are new files copied into the site's \System directory.

The old \System\CurrentVersion directory is renamed for the version it contains. For example \System\CurrentVersion\2.8. (The version can be found by going into the directory and looking for a file like Ver2_8.

Next, the \System\CurrentVersion directory is copied from the latest version found in C:\Program Files\Invisible Gold\Ver2.8\EmptySite\System (where Ver2.8 is the latest version). At this point the site should be 90% upgraded.

Most of the upgrades have also included new directories that need to be copied into the \Data\System directory. The only way to find these out is by comparing the directory on your site and the one in the new version. If there are missing files, copy them over.

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