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Useful HTML Guide
Useful HTML Guide - It seems that you can't go too far into the computer world now without hearing about HTML. We know that it's a programming language, or atleast a technique for making text bold or italic and setting fonts. Invisible Gold allows you to enter HTML into ma... (9/25/2003)
Slide Show
Slide Show - The Slide Show template displays a collection of photos or graphics. You can display them in various layouts, and can set captions on each one. Images automatically display in alphabetical order. Files from most digital cameras will show up in order. ... (11/23/2005)
GetHTML Tags - A GetHTML tag is always replaced by some HTML. You can put these into Content of a page, a Framework, or a Custom Template.
A GetHTML tag is replaced by HTML in the web browser. You can put these into Content, Framework, and Custom Templates. ... (11/14/2005)
Advanced Button
Advanced Button - The Advanced button allows you to change some of the special properties of a page. Note: Making changes to some of these settings can have unexpected results. Some websites require specific Page IDs to work. You can also lose data if you change from ce... (11/14/2005)
Update - The old code stopped working on FireFox 4.0+ - The old menu.js file stopped working. Do two things to fix it: 1) add style="position:relative;" to the table that surrounds the menumap image. 2) replace menu.js (in the framework's folder) with this text: = 4); // JW NS6 = false; // JW va... (10/27/2011)
Private Client Areas
Private Client Areas - A private client area is a page that only a specific user or group of users can access and a multi-user license is required. For example: you might want to provide a list of documents to clients, charge for access to an area, communicate confidentially wi... (9/25/2003)
Highlights Page
Highlights Page - The Highlights Page template works well as the homepage for a newspaper or a Chamber of Commerce. It allows you to take up to 5 pages inside of your website and highlight them on the homepage. Each item has its title, a thumbnail image, and some of its ... (11/23/2005)
Step 3 - Edit Your Default.htm file - Next, copy and paste the javascript into your framwork file. The Javascript can go right at the end before the </body></html> tags. --> ] if(menu_IsMenu) { document.write("