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Processing Orders

Processing Orders
As new Orders come into the system, you should receive emails for each one, or check back regularly to see orders as they come in.

Note: Email is not a foolproof system. It's a good idea to check regularly just in case.

Also: Receiving the orders emails present a slighy security risk. If possible, turn this feature off in the system settings.

Orders List
As users place orders, they will be displayed on the Orders page. Each order has an ID, and you can click for more information. New Orders will be displayed at the top.

Status will vary depending on your system settings. If you have Credit Card processing enabled, each order will say either New or Paid. New Orders will also have a link to process the card immediately.

Note: PayPal (status) orders haven't necessarily cleared yet. Check your email to verify that the client has transferred the funds to your account before providing any service.

Note: Emails to the client will be sent when the Order is accepted. It's also a good idea to click on the user's address to send an email once it is shipped.

Authorize.net will also generate its own emails if you have it setup that way. (In their settings) This means that your clients may have already received two emails (one from your site and one from Authorize.net) by the time you see the order.

You can also check one or more of the Orders and click the buttons at the bottom of the list to Print Selected Orders or Process New Orders. Printed orders are limited one to a page (or two pages) and should be done for record keeping. Processing New Orders will automatically bill any new Credit Card orders that have come in immediately.

System Settings
There are System Settings that govern the way that Orders are processed. (This is beyond the payment methods options at the top.)

First, there is the processing mode. If you have an Authorize.net account, you can enter it into the System Settings so Credit Card orders can be billed automatically.

Note: You should generate a Transaction Key through the Authorize.net website. Use this along with your Authorize.net Login in the settings. Keep in mind that there can only be one Transaction Key at a time. Thus, if you generate a new one your website may stop processing orders.

Note: Be careful to turn off test mode in Authorize.net's website. Otherwise new Orders will come up declined.


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