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Besides Custom Templates, Product pages are the only types of page that can use "Add to Cart". The Product Template is only available in the Commerce and Advanced Commerce versions of Invisible Gold.

Products can be listed on many different types of pages. However, the Product Catalog, Gallery, and Default are the most common.

Basic Edit Options
When you create a Product, you have the option to enter the Name/Title, Description, SKU #, Size, etc. as text.

Be sure to use just a number (with a decimal like 125.00) in the Price field. This is the price that is used in the Shopping Cart. The same is true with Shipping. Shipping can be set to 0 or any number here. There is also a system option that adds an amount of Shipping/Handling based on the total cart value. (see system settings for more information)

Status and Quantity Available can both be used to make a product unavailable for sale. It will then automatically display the "Not For Sale Text" instead of a Price and Add To Cart button.

Quantity Available allows you to restrict the number of an item that can be added to the cart at any time. For example, if you have 3 of a certain product left, and someone adds 4 to their cart, it will automatically restrict it. However, keep in mind that two people can add 3 to their carts independently and it won't restrict them. It also doesn't automatically reduce the number of items available when they are purchased. You must decrease your inventory quantities manually if you use that field.

You can also set Products that have color and size options. The only catch is that the different options cannot change the price.

For product options, set an option title and then as many values as you'd like, each on their own line. These will be available to the user when they add it to the cart, and the values will be displayed in the Shopping Cart.

For example, an option title might be size and the values could be: Small, Medium, and Large.

Quantity Discounts
You can set Quantity Discounts by using a special price. For example, if you'd like to have products start out at $125, drop to $120 if 5 or more items are ordered, and drop to $110 for 9 or more, you'd use the following value for Price:

125.00, 5, 120.00, 9, 110.00

The Shopping Cart, Product, and Product Catalog will automatically display the various prices and the Cart will bill the customer accordingly.

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