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Product - Besides Custom Templates, Product pages are the only types of page that can use "Add to Cart". The Product Template is only available in the Commerce and Advanced Commerce versions of Invisible Gold. Products can be listed on many different types of pag... (11/23/2005)
Product Catalog
Product Catalog - The Product Catalog displays up to 10 products at a time in a list. Additional products are displayed on other pages automtically using Next and Previous buttons. Note, while Products can be listed on other pages (such as a Default Page), Gallery and Pr... (11/23/2005)
Downloading and Installing the product.
Downloading and Installing the product. - Invisible Gold is offered as a self-extracting executable from www.invisiblegold.com/downloads . Keep in mind that you need to be a registered Invisible Gold user to see this page. Download the product and install it on your server. This will require ... (12/6/2005)
Taking Orders
Taking Orders - The cart is enabled right from the start if you have one of the two Invisible Gold Commerce licenses. Create some Product pages using the product template. The Product Catalog and Gallery templates are a great way to organize products. Also, quite a ... (12/12/2005)
Web Designer Tip: Customize the Page Title - This is a good tip for database backed sites for search engine optimization.
Normally Invisible Gold manages the title tag automatically. It takes the "name" of each page and combines it with the "title" value stored in the settings page. This doesn't work well when using an external database of products. For example, if you up... (8/18/2009)
Shopping Cart System Settings
Shopping Cart System Settings - In addition to simply editing the Shopping Cart page, (for the text at the top), you can also modify several system settings that affect the way the shopping cart behaves. Click on the System button at the top of the page (when you are logged in as an Ad... (12/12/2005)
Invisible Gold Quick Tour
Invisible Gold Quick Tour - Invisible Gold is an easy to use website building tool that allows you to maintain your website with just a web browser. No need to worry about breaking the site or paying for simple text or image changes. Depending on the version, your Invisible Gold l... (11/14/2005)
Advanced Button
Advanced Button - The Advanced button allows you to change some of the special properties of a page. Note: Making changes to some of these settings can have unexpected results. Some websites require specific Page IDs to work. You can also lose data if you change from ce... (11/14/2005)
Payment Options
Payment Options - Invisible Gold makes it easy to manage an on-line store, but there are a few things to decide before you start selling. First, you need to understand that there are a lot of different ways to sell on-line. Some people sell on Ebay. Others put up pages ... (9/25/2003)
System Shipping Settings
System Shipping Settings - With Invisible Gold 3.1 and newer, you set shipping levels in the system settings page. The main option lets you add shipping later (ex: in an email), not charge shipping, use shipping tables, and use shipping tables but let products override the shippin... (7/9/2010)
Shipping and Taxes
Shipping and Taxes - Taxes are calculated for every Order being shipped to a single state. (presumably the one your business is in.) You can also set individual products to be Tax Exempt. For example, a Gift Certificate would not be taxable. Note: The field to set a P... (12/12/2005)
Gallery - The Gallery template is perfect for organizing a group of pages. It displays some text and or a picture at the top, and then all of the child pages as a grid below.... (11/23/2005)
Step 1 - Start with a Design with a "menu" graphic.
Step 1 - Start with a Design with a "menu" graphic. - Dropdown menues are created in a framework. Every dropdown script is different, however the sample drop down menu code here requires you to anchor the menus on a graphic (an image map). You'll need a graphic with words on it. (About Us, Products, Servi... (2/6/2006)
Banner Ads
Banner Ads - The Invisible Gold Banner Ad system is designed for advanced users to integrate in large scale websites for use in online advertising campains (selling ads for certain sections of your site, etc.) It also stores ads so clients can pay for a certain num... (11/14/2005)
Upgrading Sites
Upgrading Sites - Every Invisible Gold site is a certain version. One of the great features of Invisible Gold is that sites can be updated to the latest version to take advantage of bug fixes, new templates, and new features. Note: Before you upgrade a site to the latest... (12/6/2005)
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