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Your Website Should Be Easy to Edit


Every Invisible Gold website has a login link to allow you to login and make changes. It starts out with a single "admin" user account, but others can be added in the Multiuser and Advanced Commerce versions.

Get to the login page by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking "login", or adding "/login.htm" to end of the address line. Login to your website by typing your login and password on the login page.

Note: The website will also display a login page if you try to access a page that you don't have rights to see. For example, try visiting /system/visitors when you aren't logged in.

To login, type your user name and password and click the login button.

Change Password
There is a button on the bottom of the login page that allows you to change your password. Click on it and enter your login, old password, and new password twice.

Note: You may not see this link if the system is setup to not display it.

Note: There are other ways to change your password once you are logged in. Add the link to the 'my account' page for regular (non-administrator) users. For more information about this, see the User Administration pages. Administrators also have a link to change their account information by clicking on the System tab while logged in.

Send Password Reminder
The Login page also may have a link for Password Reminder depending on your system settings. This will bring up a page that allows you to type in your user account. Your password will be emailed to you, IF the site is properly setup for email, AND your user account has an email address.

New User Registration
If your site is setup to allow Open Registration, AND the option is enabled, there will be a link on the Login page for "New User Registration".

This will take the visitor to the /Register page. This page automatically displays all User Groups with Open or Paid Registration. Visit the User Administration section for more information.

Note: This option is only available in the Multiuser and Advanced Commerce licenses.

System Settings and Security Concerns
Administrators can Modify the System Settings to change the way that the Login and Registration pages work.

Login as an Administrator. Next click the System button at the top of the page, and then the Modify System Settings link.

You will have the ability to hide the various links on the Login page and disable the Open Registration system. These are good ways to tighten the security on your site.

However, the best ways to tighten security are to use strong passwords and keep track of who you give them to. Switching to secure hosting will ensure that all edits go through HTTPS which encrypts the traffic. You should also work with your web host to ensure they have a secure server environment (blocked ports, no FTP accounts, latest patches, etc.).

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