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Shopping Cart System Settings

Shopping Cart System Settings
In addition to simply editing the Shopping Cart page, (for the text at the top), you can also modify several system settings that affect the way the shopping cart behaves.

Click on the System button at the top of the page (when you are logged in as an Administrator), and then scroll to the Shopping Cart section.

Cart Options
The first section of settings is called Cart Options.

Send an email for each order - This sends an email to the Administrator (the email address is set in the email section further down the page) each time an Order comes in. You will probably want this turned on for a new site receiving occasional orders. Once you get more than a few per day, you will want to turn it off.

Note: Receiving orders in email adds a slight security risk.

Allow customers to have separate shipping and billing addresses This allows customers to fill in a separate Shipping and Billing Address. Keep in mind that shipping products or services to addresses other than the Billing Address puts you at a higher risk for online fraud.

Allow international addresses This changes the addresses to not use States, and lets customers fill in their own State or Province.

Allow customers to save shopping cart items in a wishlist Wishlists are like a saved Shopping Cart. Products can be moved between the two. Keep in mind that it is only available in the Advanced Commerce license, and requires customers to log in before saving Products in their Wishlist.

Note: Products that are no longer available (assuming you delete the page or change the available quantity to zero) will be removed from the Wishlist automatically.

Additional Charges
This section of the System Settings allows you to enable Shipping and Sales Tax.

Note: You can only have a single state for sales tax, and it is only charged if the customer is in the same state.

Payment Options
The Payment Options section has a list of options that you can put checks next to. If a payment option is checked, an image will be shown in the cart, and it will be available at the final step for payments.

Note: Purchase orders doesn't display an image.

The CVV2 number is only used with Credit Cards, and automatically gives instructions to the customer. It is a good idea to enable this option as it tightens your security slightly.

Authorize.net is a payment processing gateway. It connects your website to your mechant checking account. As orders are placed, money is automatically debited from your customers' credit card and deposited into your bank account.

Note: You need to sign up with Authorise.net before using it here. All fees are collected by them.

Invisible Gold automatically processes credit card orders using the Login ID and Transaction Key that you supply here. The modes at the top determine when the card is processed.

Note: It is a good idea to use Batch processing. This still enables you to bill a card by clicking on a button. (So you can even bill just before shipping an Order). It also ensures that Orders aren't delayed when the customer is Checking Out. During peak hours this can result in lost Orders.

Discounts and Handling
The next section allows you to add or remove charges from the Shopping Cart based on total value in it.

For example, Discounts, can lower the customer's bill (providing a slight upsell) if the total ammount is above a level.

The same sort of thing can be done in reverse for Handling. In this case, an additional charge is added to the customer's bill if the total ammount is above a level.

To use either one of these options, check the box, and then enter a series of numbers separated by commas. The first number in the Discounts is the base level. Next put a comma and the discount percentage. You can repeat this as many times as you like (but be sure the levels keep increasing)

For example: 500,10,1000,12 gives a 10% discount for orders over $500 and 12% discount for those over $1000.

The Handling levels work the same way. However, it starts with a base Handling charge. This is followed by a comma and the next level, and the next charge.

For example: 4.95,50,9.95,100,15.95 charges a base rate of $4.95, $9.95 over $50, and $15.95 over $100.

Order Email and Terms
This section simply lets you create an email for the customer (after they place an order). The Order generated in the shopping cart will be added at the end automatically along with the Terms.

The Terms will also be displayed at the bottom of the Shopping Cart while the customer is placing their order.

Optional Field
The Optional Field is just a way of customizing the Address in the Shopping Cart. Some organizations sell to Companies, others sell to Organizations.

If you enter text into this field, it will be displayed instead of "Company" (in the Address box).


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