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Your Website Should Be Easy to Edit

Rich Edit

Rich Edit
The Rich Edit template is very flexible. It doesn't automatically create links or display a title. However, it allows you to bold text, change fonts, and paste text right from Microsort Word (with all of the formatting in intact)

Edit Options
The Rich Edit template is created like any other page. It also has the standard options for a Title/Name, Description, and Text. However, the text allows formatting, images, links, etc. (much easier than writing HTML by hand.)

The buttons along the top make it easy to change fonts, size, etc. Just highlight the text you want to change and click the appropriate button. For example, to make text bold, highlight it and click the Bold button. To undo it, highlight the text and hit bold again. The basic things like bold all work the same way. Exceptions are described below.

Edit Buttons

The Undo button works like the Edit/Undo menu option. Keep in mind that you can always hit Cancel to go back without saving your changes.

Bullet/Numbered List
The Bullet/Ordered list work the same way. You make a list of items each on a separate line. To make it an ordered list, just highlight and click the button.

Keep in mind that you need to have the "BR" option at the bottom unchecked.

Special Characters
You can paste in a special character by clicking this button. When you choose a character it will be placed where the cursor was in your text.

Horizontal Line
The Horizontal Bar is simply a line that goes across the page. It can be used to separate sections of text. You can delete it just like any text or special character.

Images are handled very differently in the Rich Edit Temaplte than in the other templates. The Images button opens up an Image Library browser. You can click upload to add images to the library.

To insert an image into your text, click select, and then set HTML options (image wrapping, borders, etc.) For most users, it is fine to leave these blank.

The image will be pasted into your page. The little black boxes can be selected to resize the image. Keep in mind that you want to upload relatively small files as the images are NOT resized like other Invisible Gold templates.

Making text into a link is similar to making text bold. However, you need to know the address of the page it will link to.

Highlight the text and hit the Link button. Unless you understand the difference between FTP and HTTP, simply use HTTP for the first option. Paste in your website address, and then choose the "Target". Choose Self or Parent if you want it to go to the page. Choose Blank if you want it to open up in a new window.

Feel free to leave the Name field blank. (It is useful for Search Engines and special techniques.)

The table button lets you create and edit tables. To add a new table, place the mouse where you'd like it and click the table button. It's helpful to know how many rows and columns you'd like to start with.

Once a table has been created, you can edit individual cells, or the entire table by clicking on it and hitting the same table button.

Note: By default table borders are hidden. You can click the "show table borders" button (right next to the tables button) twice to display the table borders.

Changing text color is very similar to making it bold. Simply highlight the text and hit the Foreground or Background color button. Choose a color when the Color Chooser window opens up.

Paste From Word
Pasting from Word is quite powerful. You can take almost any formatted text in Word, highlight it, and paste it right in. Extraneous tags will be removed. You can then edit the text like you would normal Rich Edit pages.

You may notice two other buttons down at the bottom of the Text Box. These are for special modes (advanced users). The HTML button allows you to see and modify the page's source HTML. You'll need to turn it off before saving.

The BR option determines what happens when you click the Enter button. In BR mode, new lines follow one line down from the previous line. In an ordered or numbered list, it doesn't automatically create a new bullet. If BR mode is turned off (the default mode), a new line starts a new paragraph or a new bullet.


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