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The HTML template is specialized and gets limited use except by Advanced users. Remember, almost every template allows you to use HTML in the page text.

The HTML page doesn't automatically put in the title at the top of the page. It also doesn't automatically handle the image. Most important, it doesn't automatically replace carriage returns with <br> tags.

Its use is primarily limited to users that have existing HTML and want to paste it into an Invisible Gold powered site without modification.

Image Handling
Pasting in HTML might make sense (especially if you already have experience with it). You'll need to upload image files that are referenced in your html.

Change links to those images as https://invisiblegold.com/data/support/docs/templates/html//filename. For Example: <img src="$PATH/example.gif">

This automatically points to an image in this page called example.gif.

Note: In edit mode the page will look like the image to the right. In Preview or Guest Preview modes, it will display the html that was pasted in.

Title and Sub Pages
The Title of the page doesn't make sense from a pure HTML standpoint. However, remember that every page in an Invisible Gold site has a name or title. This is what will show up in navigation bars that point to this page. It is also used to generate the address of the page.

Subpages work almost the same way. You can create an HTML page and have regular pages below it. You can also create other HTML pages that link amongst themselves.

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