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Download List

Download List
A download list template can be used to distribute files to your visitors such as audio clips, word documents, executables, and PDF files.

It is very similar to the static list template. the only difference is that it automatically displays links to the files and it has an option to display a link to the Adobe site to download Acrobat (for reading PDF files).

Creating a Download List
Create a Download List the same way as any other template. Click NEW and give it a name and text.

Note the extra options at the bottom. The first simply shows a link to the Adobe Acrobat site if it is checked. It is useful if you want to list PDF files.

PDF files are great to distribute as they don't readily hold viruses, and don't require any expensive software on the client's computer. Other files such as Microsoft Word or Excel require at least some form of Office be installed.

There are several applications on the market to generate PDF files (inexpensive or free). They are installed like a printer - so you can "print" files on your computer to create a new PDF file. You can then upload the PDF file to this page for visitors to download.

The second option at the bottom shows links to images. This is really only useful if you have large images that you want to distribute along with links. (for example - print resolution images for a media kit.)

Adding Files
Once you save the page, you can click the upload button to send files to the page. Keep in mind that a large file will take a long time to upload.

You can also create groups of files to download. To create a group, click the NEW button. Give the group a name, a Sortkey, and some text. When you hit Save, you can upload files to the group.

Note: Sortkey lists items by the number in Sortkey.


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