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Using the Wizard to Create and Manage Invisible Gold Sites

Using the Wizard to Create and Manage Invisible Gold Sites
Administrators that have been working with Invisible Gold for several years will remember configuring them by hand. Now we have a tool that reduces most of the process to allow button clicks.

The Wizard can be used to create Invisible Gold websites, virtual directories, upgrade sites, test sites, and delete old sites.

Note: The Wizard cannot install SSLs. You still need to install these manually. However, once they are installed, you can use the wizard to turn on HTTPS mode.

Creating a New Site
The first step is to click the New Website button on the start page. Click Next and you will be taken to the Enter Domain Name and Directory page.

When you give the information and click Next, the cursor will go to hourglass for several seconds. The Wizard is configuring IIS, copying a large number of files, etc. When it is done you will go to the Enter License Key page.

Entering a License Key
At this point you simply need to enter the license key that goes with this website. Every Invisible Gold powered site has a license key that is tied to its domain name. It also specifies which features are enabled for the site.

You can get new license keys by going to www.invisiblegold.com/licenses.

Note: You can also get a free demo license that can unlock any domain to try out the various license levels. Just keep in mind that they expire at the end of every month.

The License Key page also gives the option to set a Virtual Directory and enable HTTPS mode. When you are done, click Save. This will edit the Settings.asp file.

This will take you back to the wizard main page (where you can test the site or make changes to others.)

Websites List Page
You will be taken to this page when you finish creating a new website or virtual directory or when you click the Modify Website option from the start page.

Select a website from the list. (You can click on columns to change the sort order.) Then click a button for various options:

Modify Settings - This allows you to change the license key, enable https mode, or edit the virtual directory.

Upgrade - This upgrades the selected site to the latest version of Invisible Gold installed on your server.

Launch Website - This opens a web browser to the selected website's address. It's useful for testing. Note: Many 2003 Server installations have web browsing disabled as a security precaution.

Test Website - This launches the website on its /test.asp page. This page automatically tests the current configuration to verify that settings and security are all okay.

Open Folder - This opens a Windows Explorer window so you can modify the website files directly.

Remove - This deletes the website or virtual directory.

Set Access Rights - This is a rarely used feature. It helps reset settings on the DLLs. Most installations never have to click this button. It's also potentially damaging if you have a special security setting. Specifically, it checks which user account the website is running under. Next, it gives that user modify rights to the current Invisible Gold version Dlls in C:\Program Files\Invisible Gold\IGVer\ directory. You may want to do this manually.

Create Virtual Directory
This works almost exactly the same way as creating a new Website, except rather than specifying a domain name and license key, you simply select an existing website. When you click Next, you will be taken to the Enter License Key page.

Note: A virtual directory is a subdirectory under a site. For example, newsite is a directory under www.invisiblegold.com/newsite. If it is configured to be its own website in IIS, it is considered a Virtual Directory. Invisible Gold can run in its own installation in any website or Virtual Directory so you can allow a single website to have different shopping carts or administrators, etc.

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