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URL List

URL List
The URL List template is used to show a list of links to other sites. It looks and acts very similar to a Static List and Download List template. However, each URL section you create also has a URL and Link Text.

For example:

URL: http://www.invisiblegold.com
Link Text: Easy-to-Edit website tool

If you don't use either of those fields, it will look exactly like a Static List.

Edit Options
Creating a URL List is just like any other template: click a green New button to create the new page and enter a title/name, description and text.

Once you click Save, click the green New button to create new URL sections below the text. Each section has a Title, Text, a Website address, Link Text, and a Sortkey (which is used to set the order of the sections numerically).

The links automatically open up in a new window.


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