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Slide Show

Slide Show
The Slide Show template displays a collection of photos or graphics. You can display them in various layouts, and can set captions on each one.

Images automatically display in alphabetical order. Files from most digital cameras will show up in order. However, if you want them to come up in a different order, rename the files before uploading or choose "System" and change the sort key number of each item.

Tip: This template works quite well as the child of a Gallery template. This way you can create a "collection of slideshows" Gallery page.

Edit Options
Create the Slide Show template like any other page. Once you give it a name/title, description, and text, choose an image layout and click save. Upload some images. You can click edit again to see what other layouts look like.

Using the Slide Show Page
The Slide Show page displays text and title at the top and then the images in a grid. If you click on any image slide show mode is enabled with "Next" and "Previous" buttons at the top so you can cycle through the images.

Note: Next and Previous go to other images in the slide show. Start goes back to the initial page that shows the text and grid of thumbnails.

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