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Highlights Page

Highlights Page
The Highlights Page template works well as the homepage for a newspaper or a Chamber of Commerce. It allows you to take up to 5 pages inside of your website and highlight them on the homepage.

Each item has its title, a thumbnail image, and some of its text. It makes it very easy to update the homepage.

Creating a Page Highlights Template
The Highlights Page can be used on any page on your site. Paste up to 5 different page addresses in the fields and snippets of these pages will be displayed when you click save.

Note: It is very common to change the homepage of a site to use the Page Highlights template. You do this by clicking on Advanced, and changing the Page Template to PageHighlights. Click Save and it will use the new template. Click edit again and you will see the new options.

Featured Page IDs
The next common question is, "How do I know the page ids?". This is actually simpler than you might imagine. Save the page for the moment, and navigate to one of the pages you want to feature.

The id of a page is everything in the webpage address except for the your domain name. For example, if a page address is http://www.invisiblegold.com/support/articles/, you would enter /support/articles/ into one of the featured page id boxes.

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