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An FAQ page stands for Frequently Asked Questions. It is very similar to a Static List template. That is, it has text at the top, and then a list of sections that have a title, text, and an image.

However, the FAQ page also has a list of links at the top that jump to each question below. The intended use is for a list of questions that visitors might want answered. Create the page, and then create a section for each question. Thus, you can have one long page with a list of topics up at the top.

Other Uses
An FAQ page has more uses than just a list of questions. Many people use it to list the staff at their company, or for tutorials. It lists the steps at the top to give people an idea of what steps are involved. (much like a table of contents)

Adding Sections or New Topics
Click New at the top of the list to create new topics. Give each a title, text, and a Sortkey. The Sortkey is used to order them numerically.

The FAQ works just like a Static List template. Click on Advanced to change the page type to a Static List which eliminates the list of sections at the top.


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