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Custom Templates

The entire Invisible Gold system is built using XML and XSL. This is a technology that works very similarly to databases.

The XSL files transform the XML into text like an HTML page. Different XSL files can output different pages. For example, when you load a page in Invisible Gold it always returns the same data. However, if the address reads edit.htm (when you are editing a page), then it will use the Edit.xsl file and the page it will become editable (with input fields).

If you load a page without any file specified, it will use Default.xsl which just displays the regular page.

Pay attention to the address of the pages you load. There will be an XSL file used for every feature: Advanced.xsl, PageProperties.xsl, ACL.xsl, etc. Many of these are buried deep in the system files.

However, every Custom template works the same way. You can create a default.xsl file for the basic page load. You can create an edit.xsl file for when you need to edit that page, etc.

If you want a Custom Template to show up in the Template Library, you should also include an icon.jpg, a default.xml, and a description.xml. These are used for the icon, the starting values for the XML (which custom fields it uses), and the description that the Template Library will display.

Note: Custom Templates should be placed in the /Templates directory. Create a new folder for each one. These work very similarly to the folder names for Frameworks.

Note: Invisible Gold checks the /Templates directory for Templates before looking in the system files. You can use this to your advatage if you want to add functionality to the core system files. HOWEVER, keep in mind that it will be up to you to upgrade these Templates each time the site is upgraded to a new version of Invisible Gold.

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