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Windsor "Geeks" Return To Defend "Best Costume" award in Family Feud - March 2006

By John Waiveris

Being an active member of a small community is great. It includes everything from friendships, excitement, charity, and more. It can even generate new business opportunities.

Being in a game show is something entirely different. That's downright terrifying. Well, it used to be. I am a member of a three company/four person "Family Feud" team. (www.pcdevelopmentgroup.com, www.massiveproductions.com, and www.invisiblegold.com)

Two years ago, we wore big white jumpsuits and answered silly questions on local cable TV. Due to a fluke in scoring, we ended up going home with a trophy for best costume. And then it happened again last year. (keep in mind that we scored zero points.)

Well, we are at it again for a third shot. Wish us luck, and enjoy photos from last year.
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