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"John and his Invisible Gold program have solved all my web site worries. His program is so simple to learn and use. He had me managing my own site in one afternoon."

Matthew J. Feiner
The Devil's Gear Bike Shop


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The Internet is constantly evolving. We know that a web site needs to be updated regularly to attract readers. Of course this is common sense now - but only a year or two ago it was the latest news.

The technologies are changing too. If you build a new web site today it will be technically outdated within a year or two.

Invisible Gold is more than just a product. It is a new way to approach building web sites. It separates a web site into content, design, and programming. This means that you are in charge of the content on your site without worrying about breaking links, breaking your shopping cart, etc. It also means that it is easier to update the design to give your website a periodic refresh. And the programming is something we take care of. We're constantly evolving the code to offer new features and make it easier to use.

Quick Tour
Quick Tour - Invisible Gold makes your website easy to edit and easy to maintain. Using just a web browser and your login, you can edit text, add new pages, upload photos, process orders, manage mailing lists, and more.
Answers - Invisible Gold and the websites we produce.
Custom Designed Websites
How To Buy - This page explains the different options to purchase an Invisible Gold powered website.

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