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Uploading Images
Uploading Images - It is easy to upload images and files to your Invisible Gold website. You can upload an image anywhere you see the "Click To Upload Image" box. Once an image is uploaded, you can change its size, position, and add a caption. Images must be in either... (12/12/2005)
Image Properties
Image Properties - Once an image is on a page, you can click "Properties" to move it, resize, or enable "click to expand". Images that are resized in the "Properties" are compressed and turned into .jpg files. This makes the file load faster. However, if you want to us... (11/22/2005)
Directory Structure
Directory Structure - Creating sites usually involves uploading them to the server, or perhaps making changes right to the files themselves. There are a few things you should know first.
Creating sites usually involves uploading them to the server, or perhaps making changes right to the files themselves online. There are a few things you should know first. 1) There are 5 main directories in an Invisible Gold website: Data, Frameworks, I... (12/14/2005)
Rich Edit
Rich Edit - The Rich Edit template is very flexible. It doesn't automatically create links or display a title. However, it allows you to bold text, change fonts, and paste text right from Microsort Word (with all of the formatting in intact)... (11/23/2005)
Default Page
Default Page - The default template is the most common page type. It allows you to specify a title, some text, add an image, and lists all child pages as links at the bottom. Use this one if you are in doubt about which template to use.... (11/23/2005)
HTML - The HTML template is specialized and gets limited use except by Advanced users. Remember, almost every template allows you to use HTML in the page text. The HTML page doesn't automatically put in the title at the top of the page. It also doesn't automa... (11/23/2005)
System View
System View - The System page shows you information about a page or the entire website. You can view it by logging in as an Administrator and clicking on the System button at the top. The page is divided into three main areas. In the top left are links to various Sy... (11/14/2005)
Banner Ads
Banner Ads - The Invisible Gold Banner Ad system is designed for advanced users to integrate in large scale websites for use in online advertising campains (selling ads for certain sections of your site, etc.) It also stores ads so clients can pay for a certain num... (11/14/2005)
Update - The old code stopped working on FireFox 4.0+ - The old menu.js file stopped working. Do two things to fix it: 1) add style="position:relative;" to the table that surrounds the menumap image. 2) replace menu.js (in the framework's folder) with this text: = 4); // JW NS6 = false; // JW va... (10/27/2011)
Step 4 - Create Drop Down Menu Anchor Image
Step 4 - Create Drop Down Menu Anchor Image - The next step is to calculate the pixels at which the drop down menus should start and end (perhaps using "the info" window in Photoshop)(0,0 is in the top left corner on the screen: x is the horizontal axis and y is the vertical). The four values you ne... (2/6/2006)
Invisible Gold Quick Tour
Invisible Gold Quick Tour - Invisible Gold is an easy to use website building tool that allows you to maintain your website with just a web browser. No need to worry about breaking the site or paying for simple text or image changes. Depending on the version, your Invisible Gold l... (11/14/2005)
Slide Show
Slide Show - The Slide Show template displays a collection of photos or graphics. You can display them in various layouts, and can set captions on each one. Images automatically display in alphabetical order. Files from most digital cameras will show up in order. ... (11/23/2005)
Step 3 - Edit Your Default.htm file - Next, copy and paste the javascript into your framwork file. The Javascript can go right at the end before the </body></html> tags. --> ] if(menu_IsMenu) { document.write("