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We want your experience with Invisible Gold to be as enjoyable as possible. If you don't find anything that answers your question, please contact us and we will do our best to help.

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Mailing List Signup
Mailing List Signup - The Mailing List Signup page is a simple page for allowing visitors to sign up for one or more of your mailing lists. ... (11/23/2005)
Highlights Page
Highlights Page - The Highlights Page template works well as the homepage for a newspaper or a Chamber of Commerce. It allows you to take up to 5 pages inside of your website and highlight them on the homepage. Each item has its title, a thumbnail image, and some of its ... (11/23/2005)
Slide Show
Slide Show - The Slide Show template displays a collection of photos or graphics. You can display them in various layouts, and can set captions on each one. Images automatically display in alphabetical order. Files from most digital cameras will show up in order. ... (11/23/2005)
Custom Templates - The entire Invisible Gold system is built using XML and XSL. This is a technology that works very similarly to databases. (Actually modern databases all are moving toward outputting XML.)...
The entire Invisible Gold system is built using XML and XSL. This is a technology that works very similarly to databases. The XSL files transform the XML into text like an HTML page. Different XSL files can output different pages. For example, when yo... (11/14/2005)
Custom Templates
Custom Templates - Every page in your site is based on a template. Most of them are based on templates that all Invisible Gold customers can use. However, you can also have custom functionality built into Custom Templates that are unique to your site. A certified Invisib... (12/5/2005)
Static List
Static List - The Static List template is one of the workhorses of Invisible Gold powered sites. (for example, most of the pages in the help section use it.) It works like other templates - there is an image at the top along with text and title. Then it shows every ... (11/23/2005)
Simple Page
Simple Page - The Simple Page template displays a title and text only. It doesn't show links to child pages. It is often used in place of the Default Template page to hide links to the child pages.... (11/23/2005)
Virtual Page
Virtual Page - When a visitor tries to access a virtual page, it automatically redirects them to its first child page. The Virtual Page is then effectively hidden (unless you are in edit mode). Starting with 2.9, it also adds the ability to jump to other pages on your... (11/23/2005)
Product Catalog
Product Catalog - The Product Catalog displays up to 10 products at a time in a list. Additional products are displayed on other pages automtically using Next and Previous buttons. Note, while Products can be listed on other pages (such as a Default Page), Gallery and Pr... (11/23/2005)
URL List
URL List - The URL List template is used to show a list of links to other sites. It looks and acts very similar to a Static List and Download List template. However, each URL section you create also has a URL and Link Text. For example: URL: http://www.invisi... (11/23/2005)
Template Library
Template Library - Every page in an Invisible Gold powered website is based on a page template. An Inivsible Gold template is a page layout with its own set of tools or features. When you click "New" to create a new page anywhere in your site, the Select Template page give... (11/14/2005)
Site Map
Site Map - The Site Map template is one of the great new features in Invisible Gold 2.9. It allows you to show a list of the top level pages on your website. Some users swear site maps as the easiest way to navigate a site. Others don't use them at all. Also, so... (1/30/2006)
Creating or Editing a Site Map
Creating or Editing a Site Map - This template is remarkably simple. Simply create the site map page and add text. Once created, the site map shows links to all top level pages on your site, and child pages on your site. Hidden pages will not display in the site map. ... (1/30/2006)
GetHTML Tags - A GetHTML tag is always replaced by some HTML. You can put these into Content of a page, a Framework, or a Custom Template.
A GetHTML tag is replaced by HTML in the web browser. You can put these into Content, Framework, and Custom Templates. ... (11/14/2005)
System View
System View - The System page shows you information about a page or the entire website. You can view it by logging in as an Administrator and clicking on the System button at the top. The page is divided into three main areas. In the top left are links to various Sy... (11/14/2005)
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