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Product Manuals

Product Manuals
We are offering printed manuals to go along with your Invisible Gold powered site. You can place orders online at Lulu.com. You can also download .PDF versions of the manuals (from this page) for free.

Keep in mind that these present information that's also available within the product and online at www.invisiblegold.com/support. It's simply another option for people who prefer books to reading on a computer.

Invisible Gold 2.91 User Documentation
Invisible Gold 2.91 User Documentation
The 2.91 User Documentation manuals are reformatted versions of the documentation found at www.invisiblegold.com/support. The full version also includes the Invisible Gold newsletter articles. The shorter version is suitable for re-branding for designers who build Invisible Gold powered sites for their own clients.

Product Details:
Printed: 143 and 222 pages, 8.50" x 11.00", perfect binding, 60# white interior paper, black and white interior ink , 100# exterior paper, full-color exterior ink
Publisher: Invisible Gold, LLC.
Copyright: © 2006 Invisible Gold, LLC.
Language: English
Edition: 2.91 - First Edition - Including Articles
Version: 1
Price: $10 and $15

To purchase printed manuals, go to www.lulu.com/invisiblegold.

Download: 2.91_User_Manual.pdf
Download: 2.91_User_Manual_(with_articles).pdf

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