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How are you handling the cold weather? It's February, and winter is just about half over. This also means that it is almost Valentine's Day...and many of you are putting together marketing plans.

This month's article: Let's All Plan To Have a Fun Year gives some tips for creating a simple plan for the year. There are also answers to several of your questions in the NEW "Common Questions section of the Invisible Gold website.

As always, I hope you are well.
John Waiveris
President - Invisible Gold, LLC.

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Let's All Plan To Have a Fun Year - Are you with me? Most of us run a small business, and well, some months aren't as fun as the others. Right now it's flu season and time for cold fingers. Just going outside can be tough.
Achieving Balance in 2005 - Few things in life are as difficult as running your own small business. You've got freedom and responsibility, but you've also got all of your fears and bad habits. Without a commute to work or boss setting hours, you may find it hard to focus.

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