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Tahoe Adventure Company Pushes Renewable Energy

Tahoe Adventure Company Pushes Renewable Energy
Lake Tahoe, California - May 1st, 2006 - Better known for nature exploring adventures, Tahoe Adventure Company supports renewable energy by choosing an earth friendly web hosting company. Invisible Gold, LLC. (located in Connecticut) runs its operation using renewable wind power.

"We originally chose the hosting company based on technology and a personal reference, but we've helped them choose environmentally friendly options that reduce pollution and dependence on foreign energy." Kevin Hickey, president of Tahoe Adventure Company.

A business the size of a small web design company generates about as much pollution as a family car. In addition to wind power for everything including lights, computers and web servers, Invisible Gold has also committed to choose efficient transportation.

"All together, we generate 1/8 as much pollution compared to a year ago." said John Waiveris, president of Invisible Gold.

Kevin and John are excited for the future. People are starting to be aware of how fragile the environment is. It just makes sense to enjoy what we have, and preserve it for future generations.

For more information about Tahoe Adventure Company, call Kevin Hickey at (530) 913-9212 or visit www.TahoeAdventureCompany.com.

For more information about Invisible Gold, call John Waiveris at (860) 285-0172 or visit www.invisiblegold.com.