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Mutual Housing Association of Greater Hartford, Inc. Unveils a Website AND a Matching Painting

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March 1st, 2005 - Hartford, CT: Mutual Housing Association of Greater Hartford, Inc. is a non-profit real estate development company that helps people establish a sense of community with an affordable alternative to traditional home ownership. Earlier this year they renovated an old Victorian house as their new office and unveiled both a new website, and a new painting for the conference room.

For many, the dream of home ownership has been elusive. People are in need of a secure home, one they can afford, and one in which they can feel a sense of community and neighborhood.

"I was given the job of putting together a new website, and I knew right away that the painting at the top of the Invisible Gold demo site was perfect." - Cathy Nadeau, Finance Director, Mutual Housing Association of Greater Hartford, Inc.

John Waiveris, president of Invisible Gold, knew the artist that created the painting quite well; it was painted by his sister. Over the winter months the new website took shape and was unveiled early last month.

"It's always fun to incorporate different pieces of art into a website. It was fun to see everything come together." - John Waiveris, Invisible Gold, LLC.

Kate Ryan is an upcoming artist that has worked primarily for herself. She is now showing and selling works at various locations.

"It is always such an honor when someone buys one of your paintings. Mutual Housing Authority is such a great organization. I know it is going to a good home." - Kate Ryan, painter.
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Mutual Housing is a European concept, brought to Hartford by Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation, a congressionally chartered non-profit organization. For more information visit www.mutualhousing.org

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