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Your Website Should Be Easy to Edit

July 12th, 2005 - Windsor, CT - Invisible Gold, LLC. Releases version 2.8 of their editable website software.

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Streamlined admin tool
Building on the success of previous versions, the latest version incorporates many features that customers have been asking for - specifically for high volume and multiuser sites.

The most notable are performance improvements that make the product more stable for high traffic websites, and makes sending email newsletters simpler and more reliable.

Amazing Performance Improvement

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Caching improves performance up to 60x
"Page caching is a new feature that can make a high traffic site run as much as 60 times as fast." - John Waiveris, president of Invisible Gold.

The new caching system stores pages and scaled images in memory which speeds delivery for sites that can serve thousands of visitors per day. It has a financial impact for hosts that must buy and support the computer hardware that runs the websites.

Innovative New Email System

Email is another area where the new product shows innovation. Most similar products run into problems either sending messages too slowly or fast enough to trigger spam filters.

"People will be able to send out email newsletters without worrying about their Internet connection or the time of day." - John Waiveris

Other features of version 2.8 include streamlining of content approvals, simplified system settings, improvements to paid and free user registrations, and 75+ bugs and usability improvements.

About Invisible Gold

Invisible Gold offers cutting edge technology to the small business budget. Using nothing more than a web browser, businesses can create and edit pages easily, share photos, keep an online calendar, sell products and more. Invisible Gold brings the features of expensive Content Management Systems to the small business and individual user. For more information, contact John Waiveris at (860) 285-0172 or info@invisiblegold.com