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Pumpkin Pi
This page is for the use of students in Dr. Waiveris's math classes at CCSU.

M 119 students--Your second test is this coming Friday. It will cover material from the last homework assignment which I will return in Wednesday's class.

M 118 and M 124 classes--I have attached the 2016 Fall IFS Assignment to a note on your class page. I will also have out hard copy and go over the assignment on Monday in class. The '016 Fall IFS Gallery is now open for posting and viewing images.

CAMPY 2016 was held at CCSU on May 17, 2016 at CCSU. This was the 10th year that CCSU has hosted CAMPY. The participants in my session created fractal and geometric images using a program called IFS 2.0. Check out the great work that they did by clicking on the 2016 CAMPY Gallery below.

The winners in the 2016 Spring IFS contest were

First Place --or2097 5
Second Place --msolorun hunter7
Third Place --rd6120 galagagif

Check out these and the rest of the great images posted this spring.

IFS 2.0 and IFS 3.0 available for download. IFS 3.0 is an upgrade of IFS 2.0 and can be used to create animations. You will still need a program like GIF Construction Kit (which I use) to convert the .bmp images to .gif images and animate the images. But it is pretty neat. Also gifninja is a free piece of software that can be downloaded from the internet and used to convert the .bmp images into .gif images. Check out the IFS animations gallery below to see some examples.

FYI--All of the textbooks that will be used in the courses offered by the Department of Mathematical Sciences this semester are listed on the Department's homepage which can be accessed by going to the CCSU homepage. This should help you shop around to find the best price as well as get a head start on a course.

IFS 2.0 and IFS 3.0 are free and available to any person or institution that would like to use them. Any person or institution that downloads a copy is also welcome to make it free and available to any other people or institutions that would like to use it. To download a free copy of IFS 2.0 or IFS 3.0 and get in on the fun yourself go to the downloads page. There is also a gallery of 50 sample images with the transformations below.

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'016 Fall IFS Gallery
'016 Fall IFS Gallery
'016 Fall Semester Classes
'016 Fall Semester Classes - M 119 and M 12\4
IFS Galleries
IFS Galleries - This page contains all of the IFS galleries from my classes at CCSU, all of the Campy workshops at CCSU, and some galleries from students at Gilbert School in Winsted and students at East Hartford High School.
2016 CAMPY Gallery
2016 CAMPY Gallery - This is the link to the 2016 IFS CAMPY Gallery at CCSU on May 17, 2016.
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Fractal Explorer Gallery - This is an open gallery for all registered users to post their Fractal Explorer images.
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Goshen Fair - The Goshen Fair is a great place to bring a camera. This page has galleries from the 2006 and 2007 fairs.
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Icon Gallery - This page contains some of the pictures that I have used as icons on the welcome page.
IFS Tutorial
IFS Tutorial - At the moment this is just a short pdf file to help you learn to use IFS ver5. which is just like IFS 2.0 that is avaiable on the downloads page. IFS 2.0 is the new and improved version of ver 5.. In the future it will be expanded to an interactive program where you can download ifs files and experiment with the program.
IFS Animation Gallery
IFS Animation Gallery - It is possible to use IFS 3.0 and a program like GIF Construction Kit from Alchemy Mindworks to create IFS animations. Click this page for more details and a look at some examples.
IFS Gallery of Samples
IFS Gallery of Samples - This collection of files can be clicked to open in the IFS program.
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Old Galleries - This page contains IFS and FE galleries created by students at CCSU, The Gilbert School, and participants in CAMPY workshops prior to 2005..
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