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Your Website Should Be Easy to Edit

Quick Tour

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Invisible Gold makes your website easy to edit and easy to maintain. Using just a web browser and your login, you can edit text, add new pages, upload photos, process orders, manage mailing lists, and more.

Edit Your Own Website

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Invisible Gold puts you in control. This means that you don’t need to call someone (and pay) every time you want to change some text. More important, it is easy to do and easy to learn.

Designed For Online Commerce

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Selling online takes more than just a shopping cart. Invisible Gold protects your customers’ information with data encryption, streamlines orders processing, and integrates with your financial database. And, unlike more expensive Content Management Systems, it works with Search Engines so customers can find your products.

Control Access

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Modern websites do more than just present information. Invisible Gold enables you to create private areas for employees and special customers, allow users to collaborate or manage their own pages, or hide pages until you are ready to share them.

Track Usage

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Access a wealth of information in an easy to understand format. Invisible Gold presents the information you need to make educated marketing decisions. You can determine where visitors are coming from, how many pages they access, the amount they spend, and more.

Build a Mailing List

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Reach beyond the browser. Invisible Gold allows users to sign up for mailing lists and gathers addresses automatically from online orders. You can export them to your contact management database, send pages from your site via email, or export pages for use with mass mailing software.

Communicate Better

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Invisible Gold also includes calendars, discussion lists, and many other templates to help you communicate better with your customers and within your own organization.