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Making A Difference One Gallon of Gas at a Time.

Making A Difference One Gallon of Gas at a Time.
John Waiveris is a local business owner on a mission to help people benefit from new technology. His web design company, Invisible Gold, was founded on the idea that people should be able to manage their own website. It was also founded on the idea that we can take better care of the environment with simple decisions that may actually save money.

This past month, Invisible Gold was recognized as an EPA Green Power Partner for their commitment to run on 100% renewable energy. It's a relatively new thing here in Connecticut, but a client in California required it. After cutting energy needs, they purchased Green Credits to ensure all of the electricity comes from renewable wind power.

The next step is to showcase some of the things they've been doing.

May 11th-13th, John and his team will be competing in the 18th annual Tour De Sol Green Car Show and Competition. In an efficiency competition, cars will cover a 200 mile course vying for $10,000 in prizes. The competition is open to hybrid electric and biofuel cars, and divided into different categories. For weekly updates about the team and the competition, visit www.invisiblegold.com/about/tourdesol. You can read about the competition at www.tourdesol.org.

With gas prices changing every week, it made sense to take a look at new car technology. Last fall the company bought a hybrid electric car that gets 70 miles per gallon.

"I bought a Honda Insight knowing that it was a safe, proven technology and 3 times as efficient as my last car." John Waiveris. "...and tax incentives meant we saved $1000 in sales tax at the DMV."

The Invisible Gold team will also be facing tough competition from a client in a modified Honda Insight. John said, "I gave a website to Mike based on the research he was doing." One of Mike Dabrowski's designs won the competition last year at 94 miles per gallon. You can learn more about Mike at www.99mpg.com

John is optimistic about the future, "Taking care of the environment is good business. I got a call from a potential client just 2 days after the EPA added us to their website."

Green Credits work like a donation to offset the higher cost of producing environmentally friendly energy. In reality the energy you use may have been produced locally by burning coal or gas, but somewhere else the same amount of energy is being produced by a windmill or solar panel. The difference in price means that the wind farm can produce the energy and make a profit selling it back to the electric company. For more information visit www.epa.gov/greenpower

For more information call (860) 285-0172 or visit www.invisiblegold.com