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100% Wind Powered Hosting

100% Wind Powered Hosting
Working to protect the environment is about more than just a catchy marketing message or half hearted attempt at reducing waste. Invisible Gold is committed to making the small changes that add up to a big difference.

We cover about 8,000-10,000 business miles per year, so in 2005 we purchased a hybrid electric Honda Insight. In 2006, we purchased green credits to ensure that our office and web servers run on 100% renewable wind energy.

In the future, look for other ways that we are working to change our global impact and helping others do the same.

2008 to Now: 100% Renewable Energy (home, office, travel) + Community Outreach

2008 to Now: 100% Renewable Energy (home, office, travel) + Community Outreach
In 2008, running on renewable energy credits doesn't seem like enough. It's not enough to drive a hybrid or walk home to a $25 electric bill. This year we're recognizing local pioneers, creating events, and educating people.

By starting the Windsor Chamber of Commerce Green Committee, John is working with an interesting group of effective people. The first three initiatives are to increase the town's membership in the CT Clean Energy Options program (renewable energy credits), promote recycling in the local schools, and create a new set of eco-awards.


2007 - 200% Renewable Energy

2007 - 200% Renewable Energy
We're currently offsetting 200% of the energy that it takes to run this business with green credits. And, we'll keep increasing our commitment.

2006 - 100% Renewable Energy

2006 - 100% Renewable Energy
In 2006 we purchased "Green Credits" through Sterling Planet to power our main office and web servers with 100% renewable wind power. This means that the page you are looking at right now was designed, created, and served without polluting the environment.

Note: March 2006 We were recognized as an EPA Green Partner for our commitment to run on 100% renewable energy.

Green Credits work like a donation to offset the higher cost of producing environmentally friendly energy. As a business, you calculate how much energy you use in a year, and purchase enough credits to offset that load. In reality the energy you use may have been produced locally by burning coal or gas, but somewhere else the same amount of electricity is being produced by a windmill or solar panel. The difference in price means that the wind farm can produce the energy and make a profit selling it back to the electric company.

Contact us if you'd like to learn how to do this yourself. You might be amazed at how inexpensive it is.

For example: A small office may require about 8 MegaWatts of electricity per year. This translates into $40 in green credits. (solar would be 8 times higher.)

"This renewable energy purchase offsets 11,136 pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2), 24 pounds of nitrogen oxide (NOx), and 48 pounds of sulfur dioxide (SO2) emissions from conventional power plants using nonrenewable fossil fuels."

"CO2 emissions avoided compares to NOT driving 12,157 miles in passenger cars."

Calculation based on U.S. EPA E-GRID data showing US average CO2 emissions rate as 1.392 lbs / kWh, NOx emissions rate as .00296 lbs / kWh, and SO2 emissions rate as .00604 lbs / kWh. U.S. EPA data show that the average U.S. passenger car is driven approximately 12,500 miles per year and emits 11,450 pounds of CO2 per year.

- Sterling Planet

2005 - Fuel Efficient Transportation

2005 - Fuel Efficient Transportation
In 2005, Invisible Gold purchased a Honda Insight as the primary company vehicle. As an ULEV (Ultra Low Emission Vehicle), it outputs 50% less harmful emissions than a standard car. It also avarages 60-70 miles per gallon as a gasoline hybrid electric vehicle.

"This car has really changed my relationship to gasoline. The constant reminder of fuel economy (there is a gauge on the dash), has encouraged me to take less short trips and bicycle more." - John Waiveris, President of Invisible Gold