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Several Useful Tools

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"I knew what information needed to be provided in my condo community's informational website and how I wanted to say it. With very little coaching and only a couple of nudges in the right direction, I was able to use the Invisible Gold product to build exactly what I wanted. And the design help they provided gave it the professional but friendly appearance I was looking for."

Bob Ellis
Condo Community Member

Several Useful Tools

Several Useful Tools
These are some of the tools that we have grown rather fond of over time. If you have trouble with something by all means report it to us as well as the company that distributes it.

Google Toolbar

Google Toolbar
The Google Toolbar is one of those utilities that you'll probably use day after day. The simple install puts it right at the top of your browser. You can type a search phrase without going to the Google homepage first.

It's also very useful if you are trying to increase your website's page rank. That alone should be enough. The newest version even blocks popup windows.


No! Flash

No! Flash
This is a great tool for stopping those annoying "flash" popup ads. These are the ones that do things like drive a delivery truck across the screen.

Download No! Flash and install it on your computer. A tray icon will enable you to the turn the feature on and off. You'll be amazed how much nicer surfer the web becomes.

Note: The download is free - though you may wish to send a $5 donation to Baryon Lee to help cover the cost of developing the tool.


Check out this great free (or $9.95) utility for creating PDF files. You install it like a printer - and then anything you can print can be turned into a pdf file. You have the option of buying it for less than ten dollars - or just see an ad every time you run it. Either way, it is a great tool.


PDF files are useful for the Internet because they are small to download and allow you to publish content from various sources such as Microsoft Word without worrying about reformatting for HTML.

Invisible Gold includes a template that allows you to upload a list of PDF files, and also includes a link to the Adobe site so your visitors can download the appropriate reader if necessary.

Popup Ad Filter

Popup Ad Filter
This is a nice inexpensive tool to block those annoying popup windows. It is about $25 if you decide to buy it - but you can also try it out first. The best thing is that it blocks the windows before they are downloaded so your internet connection will seem alot faster.

Download and install Meaya Popup Blocker.
This is a neat company that works twenty four hours a day to check your website for errors, uptime, search engine rank, etc. I was quite impressed when they found an error in my website without me even asking.

Sign up for the free service - it will probably point out an error before a customer notices it. A year of link checking is $99 - quite a bit more than the other tools featured in this section - though still worth checking out.

Simple Spell Checker

Simple Spell Checker
A spell checker is one of those features that people have been asking for. Here is a simple little tool that will work for Invisible Gold, and any other documents that you write using a web browser.

Go to to download the installer. It's got some quirks - but it is simple and free and does a great job. The only catch is that you need to be running Internet Explorer on a PC.

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