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Creating Links on Your Page

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"Using Invisiblegold to create and host my website has been a pleasure. I found it easy and even enjoyable using the program and maintaining my site is simple. Invisiblegold provides a service that is easy enough for someone building a website for the first time to use as well as for the more experience computer user."

Tom Ferrero
Metalsmith (handmade jewelry)

Creating Links on Your Page

Creating Links on Your Page
My generation grew up with the internet, which is why instead of playing practical jokes on each other in person, we would often instant message each other using links that had been compromised. It wasn't long before you caught on that didn't necessary link to what you thought it did, and rarely did they ever link to something so cute.

But I realize that HTML is a bold and frightening new frontier for some of you, but fret not, for those of you seeking to create a link on your web page will have an easy time using Invisible Gold to create links to pages in and out of your website.

There are three ways to create a hyperlink: using the URL static list page, rich edit page, or standard HTML.

URL List Page

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A variety of page templates are at your disposal when you log-in to Invisible Gold. After clicking on "new," there are several page templates to choose from, but the most relevant for this tutorial being the URL list page.

After selecting the URL list page, you will be brought to a blank page with three fields to fill in: name, description, and text.

Name: The title of the page. In this case, it might be something like "relevant links."

Description: This is mostly for your own uses as it can help remind you of what is actually on the page and isn't shown to visitors.

Text: One might write a brief description of the page.

After filling in the necessary information, click on save.

Adding Links to the Page

The main page will have the title and text that you input earlier. To add links, click on "new" to have another page appear with more blank fields. The following is a few of the blank fields you will encounter and a description.

Name: The title of the link.
Website Address: The URL you want to link.
Link Text: The link text will mask the URL with text of your choice.
Sortkey: The numerical order of your links.
Text: A description of the link.

Save your settings after filling out the information. Repeat the aforementioned information to add more links.

Rich Edit Page

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Click to Expand
After selecting the Rich Edit page, a blank box will appear with a tool bar that should be familiar to anyone who has used a word processing program.

In the first row will be the hyperlink tool which looks like a group of chains linked together. Click on the hyperlink icon and a window will appear with a variety of parameters. The following is a description of each parameter as well as what must be filled out in order for this tool to work.

Source: You must set this to http:// in order to point to other websites. In the blank box located in the same row, type in the URL.

Title: When a user places their mouse over the link, this line of text will appear.

When you're finished typing in your information, click on insert and save your settings.

Using HTML

The HTML code for creating a link is <a href=""> </a>. The first set of brackets contain the URL between the quotation marks. Everything in HTML must be "ended," which is why we have </a> at the end of the line. In between the sets of brackets is an area where you can mask the www with text of your choice.

You can check out a more detailed tutorial here. Hey! I just used the code I taught you to create that link. See how important it can be to understand and use HTML?

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