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Invisible Gold 3.7 - January 2015

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Invisible Gold 3.7 - January 2015

"Everything about this product has been forward-thought for web & Internet deployed capability."

Ken Kaprielian
Partner LWS / IAC WebServices

Invisible Gold 3.7 - January 2015

Invisible Gold 3.7 - January 2015
I'm happy to announce a new official Invisible Gold release. No doubt, you've seen lots of these features over the past year, but now we can look at them all together.

The biggest hold-out was spam and security. Websites are fending off a surprising number of attacks so we made it the primary goal and had an extended test period on production sites. We also made emails customizable and added a variety of other features.

Security and Spam Protection

Security and Spam Protection
The primary defense is an IP based blacklist that stops traffic for lots of reasons. An address will be blocked for trying to hack the site, brute force the login, or misuse an email form. It also shares information on a centralized "banned ip" list that grows by nearly 100 addresses per day.

Once an address is blocked, the visitor can fill out a form to request an unblock. However, it's unlikely for a legitimate user to get blocked so most people won't see this.

Second, we've overhauled the credit card handling to strip out and not store credit cards and rolled it into all past releases.

Email Changes

Email Changes
Emails are now fully customizable like Frameworks and support new features. For example, you can add email.htm to a Framework for all emails (not just newsletters) and receipt.htm for receipts.

You can now enter multiple addresses separated by commas into any email field. This is handy if you need a contact emails or receipts to go to multiple users.

Contact forms also customizable using emailreponse.xsl and adminemailresponse.xsl. The regular response includes all regular fields, custom mailing list fields, file attachments, etc. It also uses a "reply-to" feature so you can just respond to the email.

There are also notifications for "User Registration" and "Content Approvals".

Mailing lists also include a "Remove Duplicates" feature and still send only one email per recipient like before.

Other Changes

Other Changes
There are several other improvements. For example, the shopping cart is now implemented as a template so you can customize the layout and add features such as coupons and discounts.

The regular image upload control now supports multiple files and the old Flash based multifile upload on the System page has been removed.

We developed a new stress test that helped eliminate a concurrency bug. As a result, IG 3.7 is nearly twice as fast and prevents the "error 500" and "blank screen" issues that heavy traffic sites were seeing.

You can now customize the meta tags through /templates/metatags.xsl and the core ones have been updated to follow current SEO practices.

The robots.txt file has been opened up to allow image indexing.

There are also two new gethtml calls: The first is data="all". This loads all child pages at every level below the ID. Within a week of testing it out, it was used in three projects. It's really fast and allows features such as client side searching using CSS.

The second is "CSV" which is alternative to using Excel. It doesn't support SQL calls but it's remarkably fast and overcomes some of the frustrating Excel issues. Again, it was useful on several projects right away.

Lastly, we're converting the entire product to support responsive design. This version includes quite a few changes and we'll continue the process in the next release.

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