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Shipping and Taxes

Shipping and Taxes
Taxes are calculated for every Order being shipped to a single state. (presumably the one your business is in.) You can also set individual products to be Tax Exempt. For example, a Gift Certificate would not be taxable.

Note: The field to set a Product as Tax Exempt is not visible until you turn on the Charge Sales Tax option in the cart.

System Shipping Settings

With Invisible Gold 3.1 and newer, you set shipping levels in the system settings page. The main option lets you add shipping later (ex: in an email), not charge shipping, use shipping tables, and use shipping tables but let products override the shipping levels if they set a value instead.

Once you turn on the shipping tables, you can set up to 5 different shipping options. For example, you can set weight values for each product and then use the shipping table to calculate the price automatically.


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